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NH Hotel Group keeps all its employees connected as well as simplifying the management of their communications.

With Vodafone as a sole provider, serving 2,200 lines in Spain and an additional 1,000 in the rest of the world, NH Hotel Group has achieved a more competitive operating model.


Business Need

NH Hotel Group launched a large transformation across all of its 369 hotels across the globe. To be successful it needed a quality global network that allowed employees to communicate confidently using appropriate and competitive technology.


Vodafone provided NH Hotel Group with advanced solutions that allowed it to:

  • Keep all employees connected and working in a mobile way.
  • Benefit from more efficient simplified management.
  • Have greater accessibility and communication speed.
  • Use modernized terminals.
  • Derive benefit from adjusted costs.


"Vodafone has adapted to our needs and provides us with the best experience and service possible."Hugo Rovira,

General Manager, NH Hotels, Spain, Portugal and Andorra


Vodafone simplified global communications management which allowed NH Hotel Group’s employees to be more mobile, facilitating the business transformation.

"The agreement with Vodafone has been an important change with significant benefits"Hugo Rovira,

General Manager, NH Hotels, Spain, Portugal and Andorra

NH Hotel Group is becoming more of a leading company every day. And every day it exceeds its customers’ expectations and needs anywhere in the world.

That’s why it’s a READY BUSINESS.