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As the Luxottica business expanded country by country, so too had its range of communication suppliers. With 30 suppliers in 20 countries, the result was as complex as it was inefficient. The Vodafone Global Enterprise solution centralises each country’s communication requirement under one contract. Instead of dealing with 30 suppliers, Luxottica now deals with just one – Vodafone – for all contract, commercial and support issues.

Business Need

Luxottica Group is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of premium, luxury and sports eyewear. Its business is global and growing, but its country by country communications estate was complex. It needed a global communication partner to manage its telecoms estate, lower operating costs and drive innovation.

"We’d grown to around 30 providers in 20 countries. There was no standard contract, no standard rates, and no global reporting. It was fragmented and we lacked any real governance. We needed a global provider for mobile. " Mario Pacifico,

Executive Vice President of Luxottica shared services

The solution

Vodafone Global Enterprise manages a new, Global Master Services Agreement standardising communications policy while allowing local flexibility. The solution delivers savings in terms of both costs and resources, simplifying the communications estate for Luxottica. The partnership is also providing a roadmap of innovation, helping shape future strategy.

The customer benefits

  • Single view of global communications estate providing transparency
  • Global Master Services Agreement delivers savings on costs, time and resources
  • Partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise assists the planning of long-term response to communication trends and innovation
  • Enables faster, more consistent roll-out of new mobility solutions
  • Global partner provides solidity in expanding into new, emerging markets

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