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With M-PESA, G4S send monthly salaries to employees via mobile phone, receiving their money instantly via the world leading Vodafone money transfer and payment solution.

The Business need

G4S has around 8,000 employees in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with 40% of them based in remote places outside the capital, Kinshasa. With business operations based across DRC, the company has employees (mostly security guards) able to man customer sites in multiple locations. Until recently, G4S paid their employees’ salaries in cash as many of their employees did not have formal bank accounts. This provided the challenge of having to pay guards in remote places in cash.

The solution

M-PESA transforms salary payments

"It really was incredibly simple to set up. We just put a list together on a spreadsheet and sent it securely to Vodacom. They then converted it to electronic money on M-PESA and sent it directly to the employees’ phones" Jon Mortimer,

Managing Director, G4S (DRC) s.a.r.l

The risk of G4S handling cash was eliminated by M-PESA. Staff are paid on time, the risk of robbery is reduced, and supervisors are freed from their cash handling role and can get on with the job of man management.


  • Reduces risk: Cashless payments cuts threat of robbery in remote parts of the country
  • Improves employee satisfaction: Salaries are paid on time, in full, every month
  • Meets contractual commitments: A growing number of G4S customers insist on salaries being paid on a certain date
  • Lowers costs Removes cost of bank fees, transport and lost productivity

This demonstrates M-PESA as a flexible platform that can be used to improve Enterprise systems such as supply chain management and cash disbursement.