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Business need

In the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency, office buildings and communication networks can be badly damaged or destroyed. Employees may not be able to get to work, and business is disrupted.

"Our real life experience of flooding shows enterprise clients how they can achieve similar results in demanding circumstances." Nick Jeffery,

CEO,Vodafone Global Enterprise

The solution

Vodafone has experienced these problems recently with adverse weather conditions preventing many staff from coming into the office. With mobile working a key feature of Vodafone business operations, the company was able to maintain business as normal, despite the dispersal and relocation of many employees. Using mobile products and services - such as laptops, data cards, mobile phones and Blackberry™ devices - teams worked at full capacity throughout the disruption.

Key customer benefits

  • A flexible working strategy enables your business to respond to and recover from events of nature or man, limit the economic impact and be better able to recover and restore business as usual
  • 100% business continuity throughout any disruptions due to adverse weather conditions
  • Broadcast text messages used to keep every member of staff informed of developments and reduced complexity for HR teams