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Mobile applications are no longer for consumers alone, and organisations have to embrace them at a corporate level

Some device management services provide security at device level but not at the application layer and therefore can’t prevent users from sending data to a third party or storing documents in a public cloud.

Vodafone Global Enterprise has been working with a third party – a promising start-up in Mobile Information Management (MIM) – and they have developed an application-level security product that effectively provides a wrap-around for mobile apps to prevent leakage of corporate data.

"To complement Device Manager, this product wraps around mobile applications to protect corporate data. If offers real potential for highly regulated, security-conscious businesses like financial institutions." Neil Jervis,

Michael Poonan, Innovation Champion, Australia, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Functionality can be switched on or off centrally according to a pre-defined set of business rules, e.g. blocking an app from being shared, or only permitting sharing with enterprise-approved applications rather than a public cloud storage service.

Mobile users are prevented from malpractice and notified accordingly, eliminating confusion or inadvertent breaches of corporate security policies. In the event of a BYO device being lost or stolen, a partial wipe of enterprise data can be performed, leaving personal data intact if required.