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By consolidating fixed and mobile connections across 20 countries, EMC are able to drive savings, optimisation and control over their global communications estate.

Vodafone Global Enterprise and EMC work together to maintain visibility, control and optimisation of their communications estate. Vodafone Global Enterprise have worked with EMC to drive savings, optimisation and control through consolidation and global economies of scale covering 20 countries and global managed services spanning all fixed and mobile telecoms across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Business Need

EMC is a global leader in ITaaS, a specialist in cloud solutions. It helps clients store, manage, protect and analyse their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.

"We operate in a fast moving, dynamic world. Our salesforce is extremely mobile. We need to share data, project manage and collaborate on the road. The world moves so fast, we need to be business ready."Vic Bhagat,

Executive Vice President Enterprise Business and Chief Information Officer, EMC

The business generated revenues of $23.2 billion in 2013, up from $14bn in 2009. As the company has grown (EMC now operates in 86 countries), so too has its back office complexity. From a communications perspective, new countries would mean new comms contracts. The result: multiple contracts, uneven service delivery, no economies of scale and a lack of transparency over the entire estate.


The Vodafone Global Enterprise solution is to consolidate EMC’s fixed and 8,000 mobile connections across 20 key countries.

Vodafone Telecoms Management is a fully managed service that includes professional services and consultancy, an outsourced set of business processes and 24/7 global support. It relieves EMC of the administrative burden of managing its communications estate, while optimising cost and performance. Vodafone Telecoms Management maintains contracts, and deals with arising issues, wherever EMC does business.

"It takes away all of the menial, administrative work related to contracts and contract management. It speaks to a broader initiative of outsourcing non-core business processes."Jonathan Bowl,

Global Director, EMC.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces total communications spend by 10%: Consolidated management and global economies of scale drive incremental savings
  • Provides global transparency on comms estate, with local resource: Ensures ‘single hand to shake’ for service issues across 20 markets along with global contracts and connectivity scrutiny
  • Strengthens a strategic partnership with Network and Communications leader: EMC attends Vodafone innovation workshops; the pair develop joint-go-market policies