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Helping our customers to differentiate their business starts with us differentiating our own.

Using our own products and services to gain first-hand exposure – “drinking our own Champagne” – is all about demonstrating confidence in our own capability. We can represent the benefits of our offerings to customers in a more compelling and credible way by showing how we use them in our own organisation, supported by personal experiences, data and case studies.

The Champagne programme drives internal adoption of products, services and innovations in a way that mimics an external customer implementation. In getting to know our own products more intimately, we can experience the deployment from a customer’s eye view. The process helps us to identify any opportunities for fine-tuning, to drive continuous, incremental improvements, and allows us to develop a grass-roots understanding of our offerings across our global operations.

"Project Champagne is all about putting our products and services into the hands of employees to help drive engagements and have greater credibility when talking about the benefits these can offer our customers." Neil Jervis,

Programme Manager, Central Innovation Team, UK, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Where required, feasibility can be rapidly established through internal trials, accelerating innovation. Some pilot studies will primarily seek volunteers from commercial roles, typically “user services” that affect our customers, such as Vodafone Device Manager. Others will be more general, involving “chooser services” that have an impact on our own operations, e.g. Vodafone Telecoms Management.

Our Project Champagne initiatives can achieve business benefits for Vodafone Global Enterprise as well as our customers. Our recent trial of Vodafone Telecoms Management identified substantial savings, where we had been paying for numbers that were no longer active or for employees who had left the company.