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DHL partnered with Vodafone to create a single network across Africa and the Middle East.

Business Need

Africa’s rise as an emerging market is a major expansion opportunity for many international businesses. Yet the continent is so huge and varied that many infrastructure challenges remain. How do you establish a common operating model? How do you deal with multiple suppliers across different countries? Vodafone and DHL are working together to help to crack these critical issues. In the process they are creating unprecedented new opportunities for business in Africa.

"Imagine a new era where you can set up the supply chain for your new service or business in Africa in just a few weeks rather than months or years. Then when you want to expand to new countries, you simply give us the go ahead and we switch on services from our global catalogue in that country. That’s what we wanted to achieve."Ewan Shannon,

IT Lead for Infrastructure and Service Management, DHL Supply Chain


Working in partnership, the two companies have now built a single Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network that enables DHL to connect to any of its data centres in Prague, Johannesburg and Singapore and helps to deliver a much simplified service to its customers across Africa.

"We now have 24/7/365 support in Africa and around 96% availability figures across a region where this was previously unheard of. These are results to be proud of. We’ve delivered a real transformation to the service we deliver to customers in developing and emerging markets."Ewan Shannon,

IT Lead for Infrastructure and Service Management, DHL Supply Chain

Key Benefits

  • Better operational agility: DHL is utilising Vodafone’s managed services and a unique single wide area network across Africa. This acts as a platform to deliver flexible services that are completely responsive to changing customer needs.
  • Better connected employees: At a moment’s notice DHL can deliver the same service in exactly the same way across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The service is powered by the delivery of critical business applications across the network that support staff and front-line employees and help them deliver a better service.
  • Better customer engagement: For the first time DHL can help its customers expand into Africa and other emerging markets without the headache of negotiating a new logistics infrastructure for each country. It can also do this for a significantly lower cost.