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The rise of Generation Y in the workplace, both now and in the future, cannot be ignored if organisations are to embrace these future workers.

Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 1996) emerged into a digital world. Their characteristics have been widely observed and written about and it’s assumed that their aspirations and expectations will differ from previous generations’ with regard to employment – particularly where, when and how they work.

Today’s graduates expect mobile, flexible, collaborative working practices.

Vodafone Global Enterprise commissioned a study conducted by the Cass Business School in London, in collaboration with Flexility, an agile consultancy specialising in helping organisations to plan and implement mobile and flexible working practices.

"By gauging the expectation of the next generation of workers, we can help organisations attract top talent and evolve business processes to benefit from a new mindset and more socially-connected ways of working." Claire Anderson,

Innovation Marketing Manager, Central Innovation Team, UK, Vodafone Global Enterprise

By gaining insight into Millennials’ expectations of the workplace and how to address them, employers are earlier and better positioned to attract, maximise and retain top talent.

Understanding the challenges our customers face as employers, we can help them in enabling smarter, more flexible working practices attuned to the expectations of the workforce of the future.