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Vodafone deploys a crowdsourced research study with KPMG to deliver insight into how employees use mobile devices, at work, at home and on the go to help shape future technology deployments.

Business need

Global organisations need mobility. Long gone are the days of the desk-bound employee or a siloed working environment. Flexibility, collaboration and mobility are a priority. But how to plan, deliver and manage mobile communications for a globally dispersed, diverse workforce? Vodafone Global Enterprise used crowdsourcing to gather end-user insight to help KPMG better understand the attitudes and behaviours of its employees and shape its mobility strategy. Rather than top-down deployment, Vodafone helped KPMG to recognise that this insight must come from the bottom up.


To better understand the needs of KPMG end-users, challenge preconceptions of the user base and put mobility at the heart of the technology drive within KPMG Vodafone deployed a crowdsourced research study – Mobile Crowd Connection, recruiting a crowd of KPMG employees. The project offered unique insight into how employees used mobile devices, at work, at home and on the go to shape the deployment of future technologies and the mobile working strategy at KPMG.


  • Strengthens key supplier relationship: Vodafone expertise creates a more holistic view of KPMG communications issues, and helps guide our relationship
  • Engages employees: Provides a voice to KPMG employees, across the global network, allowing them to contribute towards communications strategies
  • Supports more efficient strategy development: KPMG is now better able to make informed strategic decisions and investments based on end-user experiences