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Addressing the challenges of today’s enterprise, Vodafone Global Enterprise have been testing the capabilities of a managed visual voice messaging solution.

Voicemail services have been virtually unchangeable since the 1980’s, which has led to a frustration using the service and a need for a new platform with which to organise voicemail.

Security issues have led to enterprises having concerns over using third-party visual voice messaging applications. Vodafone Global Enterprise have carried out an internal trial to understand the key worries and needs of the New Worker, and to discover whether a managed service supporting visual voicemail is suitable within the enterprise.

"Visual Voicemail allows voice messages to be prioritised, instead of having to listen to each message serially in order of arrival – ideal for time-pressured business users." Chris Brown,

Enterprise Innovation Manager, Vodafone Global Enterprise

The benefits of visual voicemail were found to form a strong argument for the adoption of such a service, including the ability to organise and prioritise voicemail as well as email transcriptions.

Following an extended 4-month trial, we are investigating the opportunity to develop a Vodafone-branded, managed application with a third party that is fit for enterprise use by bringing the service behind Vodafone’s firewall. The app will potentially include speech recognition functionality to transcribe voice messages and deliver them as email attachments, plus the ability to customise outgoing greetings according to profile based on contextual awareness. Integration and set-up will be simplified, in response to trial participants’ feedback.