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Living in the digital age, wireless connectivity is paramount to the smooth-running of any organisation, particularly within multi-national enterprises with employees at offices at varying times.

A robust and reliable wireless connectivity solution is part of a company’s critical infrastructure. But sometimes a building’s location, construction or proximity to obstructions can result in weak mobile reception.

The Vodafone Smart Connectivity solution is a drop-in 3G indoor coverage and capacity scheme, deployed in an architecture that is strikingly similar to Wi-Fi.

The use of small cell technology allows for 3G network coverage to be used when wireless is unavailable, ensuring employees stay connected.

Authenticated employees and guests can expect consistent signal strength, with 5 bars of 3G coverage throughout the building.

With security measures such as Vodafone’s performance and fault management systems and individual radio units to detect unusual usage, organisations can be aware of issues quickly and act swiftly.