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Building and successfully deploying enterprise apps demands a thorough understanding of end users’ requirements and how these fit into a broader enterprise mobile app strategy

At Vodafone Global Enterprise, we were looking to further develop our overarching enterprise app strategy; with a sales and management team kick off scheduled to mark the new financial year, we decided to create an event based app as a test case.

Half the challenge with running an event is to drive registrations to ensure sufficient numbers of attendees on the day; the other half is to reward their decision to participate by making their attendance worthwhile. Traditional plenary formats can be something of a one-way street, with speakers delivering presentations and very little in the way of audience participation. We tasked ourselves to design a business-grade app that would exploit mobile devices to energise traditional conferences and create greater engagement.

"Collaborate brings life to events by enabling a highly interactive experience that benefits attendees and organisers alike." Chris Brown, Innovation Manager,

Central Innovation Team, UK, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Collaborate was launched at an internal kick-off event in April 2012. Working with a third party, creation and testing of the application took just 8 weeks. Collaborate was pushed out to all event attendees via our Vodafone Device Manager solution.247 unique users interacted with the application an average of 99 times each over the course of the 2 day event. The social media group received 406 unique posts, which triggered a further 331 comments.

The application lived up to its name, with attendees using the application to collaborate in a number of different ways, including;

  • Discussing presentation content
  • Brainstorming new business ideas
  • Asking specific questions about subject areas covered on the main agenda
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for enhancements to the application itself.
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