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Barclaycard chose Vodafone Global Enterprise’s Process Tracker for its Payment Acceptance division. Process Tracker enables Barclaycard to cost-effectively keep in touch with businesses, improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of its call-centre agents.

Business need

When small business customers apply to use Barclaycard's processing services, the process is relatively complex. Barclaycard realised that it could improve its conversion rates by communicating with its customers more.

" We have achieved a 5.5% increase in our conversion rates with Process Tracker. Barclaycard has a reasonably high net income per customer and around 50,000 leads per year, so an increase in our conversion rates can significantly improve our profit." George Allardice,

e-Commerce Product Manager, Barclaycard

The solution

Barclaycard chose Process Tracker, a Vodafone managed service. By keeping customers up to date, Barclaycard hopes to increase customer satisfaction, improve management visibility and reduce the number of inbound calls from applicants.

Key customer benefits

  • Process Tracker automatically sends out email or text messages to customers to inform them of the status of their application, and request any further information required.
  • With less inbound calls, call centre teams can now be diverted to more value-adding activities such as following up leads from branches.
  • Process Tracker enables increased management visibility by monitoring how long each stage is taking in the application process. Barclaycard now has a true end-to-end view of the customer experience.