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ALSA, one of Spain’s leading passenger transport businesses knew that if it could monitor and control the performance of its fleet more effectively, it could enhance service efficiency and customers would experience an even better service.

A close business relationship enabled Vodafone to recommend the provision of Samsung Galaxy tablets, with an integrated web application and supported by a private Access Point Name (APN) to deliver the enhanced monitoring and control the business demanded. Now constant, real time contact between ALSA and its fleet is delivering real added value.

Business need

ALSA is one of the leading passenger transport businesses in Spain with a commitment to providing services that meet the requirements of all citizens, in busy cities and rural locations alike.

To further improve its service to customers and to manage its fleet more effectively, ALSA was looking for a technology solution that would help service technicians to keep closer control of daily transport operations, monitor the condition and performance of vehicles and on-board equipment, keep in contact with drivers and assist customers when necessary.

"Vodafone has delivered a solution that is fast, secure and convenient. ALSA has a commitment to offer the best quality and safety possible to the customer and this solution has improved our performance in all of these areas." Carlos Acha,

ALSA Managing Director of Organisation & Services

The solution

A long standing business relationship with ALSA gave Vodafone the detailed understanding of the company’s business structures and objectives to enable it to recommend the provision of 160 Samsung Galaxy tablets to ALSA’s team of service technicians. With an integrated web application and supported by a private APN, the solution enables a constant, real time flow of valuable information about the performance of the fleet, for the benefit of the business and customers.

Key customer benefits

  • With instant access to much more live information, ALSA’s service technicians can now monitor and control daily operations much more effectively, thereby improving services for customers and efficiencies for the business
  • The solution has been easy to implement, using technology that is portable, simple to use and with a wide range of functionality
  • Road safety and the passenger experience is improved through more effective monitoring and training of drivers
  • ALSA’s drivers can provide additional up to date information to customers, such as journey times, potential delays, congestion or new services
  • Improvements that the solution delivers for its customers reinforces ALSA’s reputation for customer service excellence.