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With voice and data solutions from Vodafone, airberlin can react faster to schedule changes and provide a smoother customer experience.

Vodafone is helping airberlin become a Ready Business. airberlin’s planes are connected with Vodafone SIMs, enabling them to be always connected and providing pilots with up to date information, making their lives quicker and simpler.

Business Need

There is hardly any business for which it is so important to have worldwide mobile connectivity as in the case of a globally active aviation company. Only with a reliable and powerful mobile partner for telephony, data and devices can employees and their customers always remain in close contact with each other: an important prerequisite to allow airberlin to dynamically position itself against competitors and new challenges.

The solution

airberlin has been a satisfied Vodafone customer since 1999. The airline benefits from the very well-developed mobile network for its voice and data communication via smartphone. At the beginning of 2014, there were about 2,300 voice SIM cards and approximately 2,400 data SIM cards from Vodafone in use at airberlin. Among other things the data cards and the special data rate play an important role in a project in which airberlin pilots use iPads as “Electronic Flight Bags” (EFBs). Here, the tablet replaces the operations manuals and checklists that were previously in paper form. The online connectivity of the iPad makes it possible to keep these documents up to date and prior to each flight supplement data such as flight plans, navigation maps and weather information. Additionally, the tablet supports the performance and fuel calculations required prior to take-off.

Business benefits

  • Very well-developed and powerful mobile network for voice and data communication.
  • International presence, with many Vodafone partners worldwide.
  • Service flexibly oriented to the individual requirements of the customer.
  • Joint further development of offers, for example a smartphone app.