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As more employees push to use tablets and smart phones for work as well as personal use, the enterprise faces greater pressure to develop a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy that works for both the business and its staff.

This means having full visibility and control of all smart devices, whether owned by the business or the end-user. It also means they must be able to connect these devices securely to the corporate network. And as part of this, effective device management is becoming increasingly important as more sensitive data is made accessible via mobile devices.

At Vodafone Global Enterprise, we have produced a simple but compelling infographic which highlights the rapid changes taking place in the BYOD arena. It highlights how the growing use of intelligent devices for work purposes is creating a security 'black hole', with anti-virus software not in place on a worryingly high proportion of these new devices.

In response, a growing number of firms are already using device management solutions, recognising this is key to ensuring a secure mobile environment. For example, Vodafone Device Manager is a versatile solution that fully protects information held on a wide variety of devices. It provides effective network authentication and enables the business to set and maintain strong security policies. It also provides a consistent user experience, whatever the device or location.

Assess your own BYOD performance

So how well is your organisation performing, as the number of employee-owned devices coming into the enterprise rapidly increases? By using the infographic, you can easily:

  • benchmark how your business is measuring up against what’s happening in the BYOD marketplace
  • get a better understanding of what to expect from tomorrow’s mobile landscape
  • identify key criteria for effective device management

The Vodafone Global Enterprise BYOD infographic is a simple yet highly effective way to see how well your business is performing today and help plan the most effective way forward - for your business and your staff.

Benchmark your business using our interactive infographic:

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