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A key part of understanding customer needs is gaining relevant data, allowing a deeper understanding of their drivers and behaviour.

A multinational catering and retail company with outlets in airport terminals and motorway service areas had a requirement to differentiate the customer experience in response to increased competition – and gather insight into the behaviour of its highly transient customer base to run targeted marketing initiatives.

The solution

A “recharging station” based on wire-free technology that provides customers with complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity and the facility to recharge their mobile phone without a power cable at their restaurant table. In exchange for this service, the customer completes a brief registration form on their phone to provide some basic personal information and feedback preferences and satisfaction with their dining experience.

"This travel caterer’s customers used to be anonymous, but now the company is able to get to know them and enhance the customer experience at the same time." Giorgio Mulas,

Innovation Champion, Southern Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone Global Enterprise also provided complementary location-based marketing tools based on the Vodafone platform and network intelligence.

Based on GSM, the system detects a registered customer’s proximity to the company’s restaurant when travelling and sends an SMS to their phone with relevant, time-sensitive promotions. The recipient doesn’t need to download a specific app to receive the offer.

The benefit to the company was the ability to use customer data profiling for precision marketing initiatives and using location-based messaging to help drive repeat custom.