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Simple The power of one

Vodafone's mobile service provides the power of one simplicity with a single supplier, offering a cost-effective and flexible approach to mobility.

Innovative The right plan

Vodafone’s innovative mobile solutions in the US have been specifically designed for you, ensuring that you are always on the right plan. Our solutions allow you to communicate without constraints, right across the globe.

Secure Data & Devices

Our portfolio of mobile security solutions gives you peace-of-mind that data and devices are protected from security threats and theft.

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Freedom to Roam

Mobile price plans specifically designed for your global needs


Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise offers the freedom to work anytime, anywhere

With Vodafone, traditional roaming charges have been replaced. For a small daily fee, employees can now pay their domestic rate in 48 countries when roaming overseas. Our unique auto-optimizing feature is designed specifically for multinational customers - each employee is moved to the right plan every month ensuring you never pay for what you don’t use.



Benefits include:

  • Unprecedented roaming value - for a simply daily access fee, users are charged their domestic rate for roaming and pay only for what they use.
  • No more overage charges - with our unique auto-optimizing plan, each employee is automatically moved to the right bundle based on their monthly usage.
  • One plan shared across multiple devices - simple monthly charge per user covers usage across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Complete simplicity - a single contract with Vodafone Global Enterprise, eliminating the complexity of managing contracts country by country.
  • Accurate reporting and management tools - turning telecom data into actionable data
  • Peace-of-mind - Security solutions protecting you data & devices from security threats and theft

Read more about Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise


Vodafone Red Enterprise Bundles support productivity with simple, predictable pricing

Enterprise Bundles give you a company-wide bundle of minutes or megabytes tailored to your organization’s specific voice and data requirements. All of your employees and all of their devices can draw from the pool for maximum efficiencies:

  • An efficient bundle shared by all employees - no wasted allowances or penalty coverage charges.
  • Your price guaranteed for up to 6 months - complete predictability of your voice and data spend, and no bill shock.
  • One easy to manage price plan for all users - reduce the administration of moving users between plans and bundles.

Read more about Vodafone Red Enterprise Bundles

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Acceptable Use Policy


Work at the fastest speeds

America’s fastest network, chosen by the world leader in mobility

The new US mobility service has been built to combine America’s 4G LTE network with the global depth and breadth of Vodafone. Multinational enterprises can expect an unrivalled international wireless footprint, available in 80 countries. All of this is delivered with a commercial and service wrap dedicated to corporations and their people.

Benefits include:

  • America’s Fastest 4G LTE network
  • More data capacity per customer than any other provider
  • Aggressive rollout of 4G LTE across 300+ Million POPs by the end of 2015
  • Extended Range LTE – also known as “Band 12” or “700Mhz spectrum” now available in 170 markets
  • Lead world in VoLTE performance (over 4B calls since launch)
    • Seamless handoffs to Wi-Fi calling, HD Voice quality
  • Strong In-building coverage programme
  • Adding 1M sq. miles of LTE in 2015 – 260,000 new homes each week

4G Coverage map


One Supplier

A single contract with Vodafone Global Enterprise eliminates the complexity of managing contracts country-by-country

Vodafone Boat CL100pdi-260x238

When you use Vodafone mobility services you can expect the “Power of One” simplicity with a single global supplier, offering the largest mobile footprint of any provider.

We focus exclusively on corporations and their people, offering dedicated account and service teams, flexible contracts and white-glove service.

Vodafone’s tailored price plans adapt to your business requirements, with one 4G data plan shared across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Multinationals can also choose from a wide range of premium devices including, amongst others, Apple and Samsung. We also regularly review our device range in line with customer and market requirements.

Multinationals can also choose from a variety of payment options such as:

  • Spread payment - pay installments over 18-24 months
  • Bring your own – keep using your current device
  • Up Front - pay for the device in full up front
  • Subsidized - included in price plan monthly fee

Talk to us

Get in touch to see how we can help your business with a strategic approach to enterprise mobility. Contact your account manager, or alternatively email us.

Need to know more about Vodafone Global Enterprise? We simplify the management of global communications for the world's biggest companies.

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