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A new executive brief from IDC highlights the challenges CIOs of global organisations face in building the agile enterprise.

As well as the focus on security and communications cost control, it highlights the critical importance the network now plays in driving operational agility.

The paper highlights the three platforms that have characterised the ICT landscape from the 1970s to present day. It describes the realities which have led to the establishment of the “3rd platform” underpinned by four key pillars: cloud, social business, Big Data and mobility, extending connectivity to not only billions of users, but also trillions of things across both developed and developing markets.

IDC highlights how a resilient, future-proof network infrastructure, wherever organisations have a presence, is absolutely central to the 3rd platform and to building the “agile global enterprise”. However their recent research indicates that networks, in many cases under-funded versus alternative technologies, have now become the No1 technology priority.

Following closely on from network investment, the brief also describes the importance of IT security and cost control, in particular as they start to roll out mobility within their organisations.

IDC recommend using communications service providers with capabilities across each of these three areas: future proof network infrastructure, security and cost control, to gain true operational agility.