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We are increasingly working with pharmaceutical companies and public and private sector healthcare agencies to support chronic and acute disease management with a range of innovative tools.

The surge in chronic disease, fed by ageing demographics and unhealthy lifestyles, is driving change throughout the health landscape:

  • Health provisioning is decentralising as different models of care evolve that treat accessibility and efficiency as the new benchmarks of care delivery.
  • Health payer organisations (e.g. insurers) are changing focus to disease prevention and wellness, whilst leveraging pay for performance schemes to incentivise providers and suppliers of health to deliver quality and (cost) efficient treatments
  • Growth in patient advocacy groups and the ability to surf the web to achieve any desired information on health and disease are turning the patient in to a more empowered health stakeholder. This trend is further accelerated by health insurers making patients more responsible for covering their own healthcare costs.

The implications for the pharmaceutical industry are vast:

  • Drug revenues are directly impacted by governments’ drug cost containment strategies.
  • Gaining market access has become more difficult as payers demand new drugs to demonstrate their cost-effectiveness.
  • The focus on costs has shifted the prescribing power from the physician to the payer.

In addition, being on the edge of the blockbuster patent cliff, a change of tactics and strategy are needed to thrive in today’s tough operating environment.

Vodafone has set up a new business that is dedicated to improve healthcare efficiency and service through simplified workflows, and improved statistical analysis and record keeping.

Vodafone Health Solutions can help the pharmaceutical industry in creating value by:

  • Improving health and health economic outcomes.
  • Supporting growth across the pharmerging world.
  • Assisting the expansion of Pharma's share in the health industry through patient management.

We have developed a number of solution platforms that can assist Drug Lifecycle Management, which includes supporting clinical trial management and home care service automation, Workforce Mobilisation, Operational Efficiency, including access to medicine and inventory management, Consumer Health, and Medical Devices & Diagnostics.

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