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How businesses are gathering real-time intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new services and gain competitive advantage.

It is now possible to link almost any type of remote machine or device to critical information systems and gather real-time intelligence that can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new services and gain competitive advantage.

Organisations are beginning to embrace this new Machine to Machine (M2M) technology and it is transforming business operations across the world.

Anytime, anywhere access to real-time intelligence from remote machines or devices is changing the way that multinational businesses operate. Over the next five years we’re going to see a dramatic breakthrough in new applications as organisations realise the unheralded potential M2M represents – not just for increased efficiency and cost reduction, but also for revenue generation and improved customer satisfaction.

So what is M2M in practice? It is remote wireless data interchange between two or more devices or a central station that allows you to monitor and control devices and processes remotely. It will have a major impact on hundreds of organisations across a diverse range of markets, helping to improve revenue, margins, market share and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. It holds the key to energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse emissions and improved quality of life.

The potential of M2M communications is almost unlimited: fleet and asset tracking; smart metering; industrial, building and home automation; improved security, and more. With the needs of global business in mind, take a guided tour of our virutal M2M City to see the practicle benefits of M2M.

Vodafone Global Enterprise has a dedicated global M2M service platform and an experienced M2M team in place. We have a strong proposition for our global customers that delivers the benefit of our wide international footprint, with one price for Europe and the world.

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