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Companies can look at the evolution of mobility in the workplace in two ways; a security threat to be minimised or an opportunity to be embraced.

Smart devices have transformed the way we communicate with one another and have influenced the way we work, with employees now regularly using multiple devices during their working hours. Research shows that 51% of 21-32 year old employees would contravene company policies that restrict the use of their own technology therefore the need for mobile security has never been so critical1.

Embracing BYOx (Bring Your Own devices, applications and technology) allows a workforce to be more dynamic and responsive, therefore offering proven productivity benefits. As employees become more connected, they are working an extra seven hours a week2. Additionally, corporations can expect to make savings of up to £650 per employee per year by embracing flexible working3. This is a trend that enterprises should be looking to embrace and highlights the need to have a clear security policy that provides flexibility while simultaneously protecting sensitive information. Data security is no longer the sole responsibility of the IT department. It is vital that employees understand the risks and are educated about internal security policies. In 2014, 31% of serious security breaches were caused by inadvertent human error which concerns IT and security decision-makers worldwide4.

With Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager, enterprises can adopt a mobile security solution that adds an additional layer of security to their existing mobile device management solutions. Vodafone Device Manager enables the protection of sensitive data that is on a device, and Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager specialises in protecting data in transit. By having a multi-layered security approach businesses can help protect against viruses, malware, phishing and can add value to an organisation’s Enterprise Mobility Management strategy.

Protecting data in transit

Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager passes data traffic through a filter-stack hosted in the cloud, filtering viruses and malicious threats from inbound and outbound data. Viruses and threats, such as those caused by malicious applications and Wi-Fi hijacking can be intercepted and blocked, helping protect employee devices and safeguarding the end user’s information.

Providing controls to align with corporate policy

To reduce the risks of human error, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager can restrict access to high-risk sites by simply enabling organisations to enforce their IT policies. Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager can be seamlessly integrated into an organisation’s pre-existing security policy, ensuring that BYOx initiatives do not compromise security.

Why Vodafone?

Vodafone can offer a unique, comprehensive, global solution that is simple to use, effective and wholly supplied by Vodafone. As part of our standard security package, customers receive a comprehensive suite of secure mobile services which include; Vodafone Device Manager and Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager.

Download the pdf (2MB) ‘The importance of a multi-layered security solution’ to find out how Vodafone can help secure your mobile estate and enable your organisation to fully embrace flexible working.


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