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Our Solutions

Better operational agility - become more flexible and responsive

Our solutions help you realise economies of scale and simplify your supplier arrangements. You can outsource support services and focus on your core activity. You can understand and consolidate your communications infrastructure better, gain more impact from your business applications and ensure your business is built on firm connectivity foundations.


Better connected employees - improved productivity and staff satisfaction

We can help you raise motivation by giving employees the communications and IT tools they need and appreciate. Unified communications and flexible working solutions help them collaborate better and work across teams and borders. We can allow them to work almost anywhere, while preventing cost overruns and security breaches. We can also enable you to move to new operating systems or device ownership models when it makes sense for your business.


Better customer engagement - a radically better customer experience

Our approach to communications doesn't just centre on ensuring your systems run things faster, better or cheaper. It's also about using technology to drive true competitive advantage. So we can help you improve your business processes, create new products and services and use new data sources to develop deeper customer insights and relationships


Our solutions

We can help you

Vodafone Global Enterprise helps you overcome today’s business challenges and prepare for the future. Simplify your communications, control costs and make your people more productive.

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Industry solutions

Solutions tailored for your sector

Different industries face different challenges. That's why we design our global communications solutions to cope with the unique requirements of your sector.


Discover Vodafone Global Enterprise

About us

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Who we are and what we do

Our story begins and ends with you. In 2007, 24 of our biggest multinational customers asked us to make it easier to do business with us. As a result we created Vodafone Global Enterprise, which today delivers managed, total communications solutions to over 1,700 large global organisations. Our innovative products and services help them stay agile and competitive – right across the world. We simplify communications and help people work more flexibly and efficiently.

Meet our team and how we support you

Why Vodafone Global Enterprise?

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We understand how Total Communications can help your business

We are a world leader in providing the communications your business depends on – now and in the future. Our unique capabilities include integrated fixed and mobile networks, cloud-based hosting platforms, machine to machine solutions, technical expertise and professional services. They all enable you to connect your people, places and things in ways that will give you a competitive edge and unlock new value.

Reasons to choose us

Global reach

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Providing communications services that specifically match your business footprint

We ensure consistent communications whether global, regional or local that cover your business requirements. Across our wire, wireless and cloud platforms, we help major multinationals plan, roll out and manage communications that save time and money. We make sure their business is built on the firm foundations of reliable connectivity. Our dedicated experts in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas keep businesses connected and competitive in the global marketplace.

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Why Choose us?

Understanding your business

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Total Communications is the key

In today’s unpredictable global business environment, you can’t anticipate everything. But you can be ready for it by creating an organisation that’s both resilient and flexible. By developing a workforce fit for tomorrow, with the skills and technology to collaborate and adapt. And by extracting new value from product innovation and customer relationships. The key is Total Communications.

Find out how we can help you with your business challenges

Insights and trends

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We've got information and ideas to inspire and to keep up to date

Get the latest on how new technology and fresh thinking is transforming the way multinationals communicate for business advantage. Visit our growing library of news stories, white papers, case studies and analysts’ views. Whether you’ve got a minute to spare or an hour to kill, you’ll find lots to inspire you.

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Challenging and creative

Innovation is about challenging traditional ways of working, asking hard questions and thinking outside the box. It means bringing people together and watching the sparks fly. It requires courage and energy.

That’s how our Enterprise Innovation Programme works. It helps our most adventurous customers come up with ideas to transform their business from the ground up. It has inspired new products, services and revenue streams. It has channelled technology into exciting new applications. It has created unimagined efficiencies and extraordinary productivity.

Learn how mobile technology can transform your business

Industry expertise

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We know every sector is different

We understand that no two industries are alike. So we tailor our global communications solutions to meet the unique requirements of each, from energy and utilities to financial services, from healthcare to consumer goods.

Our unique blend of worldwide capability and industry-specific knowledge means our solutions can help boost your market share, create new revenue opportunities, control your costs, provide better customer service - and give you a competitive edge.



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We share your responsible approach

Companies face increasing pressure to help society meet serious global challenges - from climate change to poverty. Small wonder governments are challenging multinationals to lead the way by cutting their carbon footprint and innovating to support sustainable development. We’re helping our customers go beyond requirements to reap real business benefits. They are cutting costs, reaching new markets and gaining a real competitive edge.

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Global Reach

Your business is global. So is ours.

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Explore your region

Wherever in the world you do business, you can count on us. We help major multinationals plan, roll out and manage communications solutions that save time and money. Our dedicated experts in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas keep businesses connected and competitive in the global marketplace.

We are part of Vodafone plc, the world’s largest telecommunications company. We have a significant presence in four regions.

We deliver services in 150 countries and 23 languages.

Despite our global reach, we make managing your communications easy. We give you a single point of contact for all your services – devices, pricing, billing, ordering and support.

Your Global Account Manager (GAM) will help you define your communications strategy. A network of National Account Managers (NAMs) provides local expertise. Our commercial and technical specialists make sure you get exactly what your business needs.

Global expertise - structured to support you locally

Footprint for Vodafone Global Enterprise


Albania Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France
Germany Greece Guernsey Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy Jersey
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia/FYROM
Malta Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal Romania Russia Serbia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland
Turkey UK Ukraine  


Brazil Canada Chile USA

Middle East & Africa

Bahrain Democratic Republic of Congo Egypt Ghana
Iraq Jordan Kenya Kuwait
Lesotho Libya Mozambique Qatar
Saudi Arabia South Africa Tanzania United Arab Emirates

Asia & Australia

Australia China Fiji Hong Kong
India Japan Malaysia New Zealand
Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka
Taiwan Thailand Afghanistan Armenia
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan    

Need to know more about Vodafone Global Enterprise?

To find out how we can help you develop a winning communications strategy, get in touch.

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