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A cloud that enables on-demand flexibility and growth

To cope with demand from their large customers, Gesellschaft für innovative Personalwirtschaftsystememove (GIP) moves their IT systems for development, testing and administration to Vodafone Cloud and Hosting.

Business need

In recent years, GIP has grown enormously, bringing the IT function to its limits in terms of space. “We have a lot of big customers and need to be able to perform tests on a large scale on their behalf,” states Ulf Buchholz, Managing Director of GIP. “We could no longer manage that with our existing infrastructure. This is why we have decided to abandon the operation of our servers and instead – as a first step – move the IT systems for development, testing and administration to a cloud vendor.”


GIP decided to partner with Vodafone for their Managed Hosting services.Ulf Buchholz, MD at GIP, states: “The step towards becoming a cloud-based provider is a decisive one for our business model. We therefore attach great value to a partnership, and the opportunity to control and influence further developments to the way our systems are operated. An individual solution of this kind isn’t possible with just any cloud provider".

Business Benefit

GIP decided to partner with Vodafone for several reasons. One of the most important was the issue of connectivity. For the GIP service to operate at the highest quality, a long list of requirements must be met. Guaranteed high bandwidth level is essential. Data must be stored in Germany and transferred securely, because of the heavy use of personal information and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will increase operator liability. The connection from data centre to data centre needs to be 99.999% available, with a maximum of two to four hours of non-availability per year. And finally, it has to be possible to transport large amounts of data at gigabit speed without incurring disproportionately high costs. All of these requirements were met by Vodafone.

Download the case study here.

“Our experience of the Vodafone Cloud and Hosting team has been very positive,” says Buchholz. “The cooperation was great – from the offer phase to the completed implementation. The Vodafone team in charge of this field does a tremendous job.” Ulf Buchholz

Managing Director of GIP

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