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Our comprehensive range of Cloud and Hosting Services will give our enterprise customers the opportunity to outsource their IT worlds and focus on their core business“, said Philip Lacor, CCO Enterprise at Vodafone Germany.Vodafone is now entering the combined Cloud and Hosting business in Germany. It is another key addition to the telecommunications company's ITC portfolio for enterprise customers. In future, Vodafone enterprise customers will be able to securely outsource their hardware resources and store large volumes of data and software applications in the cloud. This means they can enhance their IT security, increase their flexibility and additionally reduce costs. Vodafone incorporates its many years of expertise in the UK Cloud and Hosting sector through the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide in this service. To provide Cloud and Hosting services in Germany, the telecommunications company has initially leased capacity from hosting expert e-shelter in the Frankfurt am Main region.

We’re contributing the Vodafone Group’s more than 20 years of Cloud and Hosting experience to our German service and are pleased to have e-shelter as a reputed and absolutely reliable local partner.“

Vodafone Cloud and Hosting offers a comprehensive range of Cloud and Hosting services from one single provider, from co-location (the lease of data centre space for own servers) to private cloud (individual hosting solutions). These services eliminate the need for enterprises to maintain extensive IT resources, helping them to become more flexible and save costs. Server rooms disappear from company basements, and there are no more high investment requirements or operating costs. Vodafone advises companies on the planning and implementation of their Cloud and Hosting strategies and on all technology related issues, especially security. Corporate networks are connected to the data centre via tunnelled Vodafone VPNs. The connection to the wireless network is also established via a secure link.

e-shelter’s data centres deliver an end-to-end security concept for scalability and absolute reliability. e-shelter, which has a German owner, is a company that has built its reputation on high security data centres. It designs and builds the data centres itself, from soil surveys to secure power supply concepts and the training and deployment of security staff. e-shelter’s control centre is certified to the same standards as police and fire service control centres.

Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most modern telecommunication services providers in Europe. It 10.8 billion euros turnover and 14,000 employees. Based in Düsseldorf, Vodafone Germany is a one-stop innovative and integrated technology and service provider with a portfolio including mobile communications, fixed network telephony, internet and broadband data services for business and private customers. Continuous development, numerous patents and investments in new products, services and the modern network have made Vodafone an innovation leader in the German telecommunications market. Vodafone is committed to CSR. The German Vodafone Foundation is a socio-political think tank that initiates and supports numerous projects in the fields of education, integration and social mobility. The company is part of the Vodafone Group. Visit the website at for further information.

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