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With almost 8 out of 10 businesses already using cloud in some form, enterprises are looking at what their next steps should be. Our Cloud Barometer explores how enterprises are using cloud today and what their plans are for tomorrow.

Cloud is here to stay and we found that it’s playing a much larger role in organisations. In fact, 70% of businesses say they’d consider cloud for mission-critical workloads like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI). And for many, they’re looking at a range of deployment models for cloud: not just private, but public and increasingly hybrid. Cloud users are also reporting the highest levels of confidence in business performance. So what does the future hold for cloud and its users?

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The Cloud Barometer has been compiled using data from an independent study conducted by Circle Research. Based on feedback from 631 companies across five continents, and in-depth interviews with 18 CIOs, the report brings you detailed insight into the evolving world of cloud computing, including:

  • The changing role that cloud is playing in enterprise IT
  • What factors are driving cloud adoption
  • Why cloud models need to align to business goals
  • What’s shaping the future of cloud

The Barometer also sets out key predictions for the future of cloud in the enterprise, as well as recommendations that you can follow to make your own cloud journey run more smoothly.

Download the Cloud Barometer 2015