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The concept of cloud computing has been around for the best part of half a decade and a whole host of companies have taken the opportunity to add the technology to the day-to-day operation of their organisation.

With so many businesses making use of the agility, scalability and flexibility of cloud-based features and services there must be a variety of substantial benefits to it, so what can you expect if your company chooses the cloud?

Cut your costs

This is by far the most popular and often cited reason behind migrating to the cloud and managed hosting services by businesses, particularly in today's climate where firms are struggling to make ends meet.

Utilising the cloud can reduce infrastructure massively as this is all covered by providers, freeing up funds and also manpower that can be better used elsewhere within the business.

Improved business continuity

Customers expect a certain standard of service from the companies they deal with in a wide range of industries. Often, these expectations can be difficult to meet, particularly if an event out of the control of the firm occurs.

However, having the cloud to fall back on means that employees can continue working through just about any incident as key information, systems and application remain available, without customers even realising things are not as they should be.

The ability to access information from anywhere, at anytime, means that staff can continue working while the office is out of use, keeping productivity up and boosting business continuity.

Advancing in-house knowledge, innovation and understanding

For many the term "the cloud" conjures up a variety of images, often far from the reality of what the technology actually is, or does. By embracing it, end-users can understand it more, make better use of it and open up a whole new world.

These new ways of working and technologies can help to drive innovation within a company, which can have a widespread and long-lasting impact on the long-term future of an organisation.