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Online stores need a reliable and scalable cloud solution

In recent months we have seen the likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday seasons which all equate to one thing… shopping. More specifically, online shopping.

During this time of year, all businesses need to be prepared to maximise their revenue and profits – especially retailers. What might not be obvious however, is that the preparation and planning for online sales are just as important as in the high-street stores. You definitely don’t want your ICT systems to shut down during these crucial trading periods, resulting in losing both revenue and loyal customers. Some retailers however, will have had to deal with this recently and will know the damage which can be caused.

Getting ready is key to success

Online businesses need to be available at all times, 24x7x365, to ensure that online shoppers can browse and purchase items on demand with one click, at their convenience. If they aren’t able to see or purchase the items they need, then they will just simply go and visit another store which unfortunately means revenue loss for the unprepared business.

To get the most out of a traditional shopping experience, businesses need to put the right amount of the right products into the right stores, ensuring they are never out of stock and hire extra help they need to be able to serve their customers during peak shopping times in order to deliver excellent customer experience and maximise revenue.

Preparing an online business for busy seasons doesn’t need to be difficult

An online business needs to be supported by a reliable and scalable cloud service to handle customer traffic and data that is generated by these peak trading periods. This will ensure that your end customers can buy what they want, when they want it.

The Vodafone Total Cloud Flex is an ideal cloud solution for online stores during these peak periods.

  • • It is a reliable and resilient system, which ensures that you can focus on generating online sales, whilst Vodafone takes care of monitoring infrastructure uptime.
  • • It’s a scalable solution, which help your business meet customer demand: It provides an access to your website for thousands or millions of online customers.
  • • It provides excellent online buying experience: Our global award-winning network and best-in-class connectivity make sure that your customers can click through your website at ease, without having to wait for the web page to load.

And what happens in case you still need more compute or storage capacity? Through the Vodafone Total Cloud Flex self-service portal, you can request additional computing resources with one click. You don’t need any idol servers or storage in your office, and you don’t have to invest in any additional hardware or technology just for these peak trading periods.

Vodafone Total Cloud Flex gives you the best of all worlds, a Cloud solution which aligns your IT costs with your customer demand: a reliable and scalable system, helping you run your online store smoothly, allowing you to maximise profits and make your customers satisfied.

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