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Trinity Mirror, one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK, need their journalists to be able to write, film, work on the go, close to the action. Their journalistic mobility is underpinned by Vodafone.

"We knew we needed to collaborate with a serious mobile player. When Vodafone acquired Cable & Wireless we realised we’d got the best of both worlds: the best wire in the ground and the biggest mobile operator." Peter Quinn,

Service Delivery Manager for Telecom & Networks,Trinity Mirror

Business Needs

Forty years ago, a Fleet Street journalist created a news story with a series of phone calls and a typewriter. Today, there is no Fleet Street and journalists need not be found at their desks. More likely, they’ll be out of the office, writing, filming and tweeting from closer to the action. For Trinity Mirror, one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK, this journalistic mobility is key.


Vodafone provides fixed, mobile and data across all Trinity Mirror’s UK operations. Vodafone Cloud & Hosting Services host voice platform in 2 of our data centres and provide a fully managed service across Trinity Mirror’s security infrastructure including firewalls, perimeter security, load balancing and remote access, securing Trinity Mirror’s mission critical business requirements. We provide agility and connectivity for their journalists and staff. And we are in the process of establishing a roadmap to move towards Vodafone One Net Enterprise, creating a seamless IP-based platform across the group.


  •  Ensures a strengthened strategic relationship with single partner across fixed,  mobile and data. Large  annual savings on total communications estate. 
  •  Creates a significant efficiency gain in inbound routing and provides capacity for a  four-fold increase in  users.
  •  Improves network resilience, allowing the business to centralise many of its services  while enabling greater  mobile working.