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PruHealth, in order to support the growth of their health insurance business including their ground-breaking Vitality rewards programme, needed to develop and deploy a new policy administration and claims handling application.

"The Flexible Computing Platform reduced our time to market during a rapid development period with some of the best sales engagement experienced in the industry" Andy Chittick,

Head of IT Infrastructure, UK, PruHealth

Business Needs

The timescale for delivering PruHealth’s flexible cloud computing environment was critical and short. PruHealth had already hired developers to work on the software, and would continue to incur costs until the application was delivered. In addition, PruHealth faced a significant financial penalty if they didn’t vacate their existing data centre by a set date.


In less than four weeks, we delivered a rapid test deployment infrastructure from our Flexible Computing service – a secure internet-facing cloud “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) that met PruHealth’s requirements for their test and development environments.


  • Providing a flexible and secure cloud computing infrastructure to successfully test and develop the application before rollout.
  • Delivering the platform rapidly and meeting their strict specified service level criteria.
  • Creating a roadmap to take the application from development through to production, satisfying PruHealth’s agile and long-term strategic goals.