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“Click to Call” What’s the point?

Have your colleagues ever taken part in “email flame wars”? An escalation of disharmony, copied to more and more stakeholders? All along the issue could well have been resolved with a simple ‘phone call, but the immediacy gets lost.

You get demotivated staff and the escalations to managers leads to poor business decisions and poor customer service. But, is it really any better now? Today an estimated 25% of time* in the office is spent dealing with emails. Many messages in our inboxes are just for information, and others are left hanging around with no clear action, reducing individual, team and business efficiency. Enterprise Social Media applications such as Yammer are beginning to address this, but email will be with us for some time.

So, instead of replying to all with an email, why not call the sender, or OP (Original Poster), and discuss the issue, agree a course of action and speed up decision making in the business? Until now, the process was cumbersome: Grab your phone, lookup the contact, dial the number and maybe they are around for a chat.

With WebRTC open interfaces and integration with service provider IP Multimedia Systems (IMS), email and other desktop applications can be directly integrated with phone and collaboration tools.

Now, in the email you can see if your contact is online through presence, click on the “call now” icon and talk, just with one click.

We call this “Vodafone One Net Collaboration”. Get a google mail and call the sender, read a Microsoft Word document and speak to the author.

Where next? Why not CRM systems, field service applications and other time critical business processes. Speed decisions, improve collaboration and enhance the customer experience.


* Source: IBM “Take Back Control”