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Consider not having any access to your business data for your day to day operations. Most companies would not want to imagine such a situation. Therefore, many organisations have multiple sites to store back-ups enabling them to maintain business continuity to protect from disruptions or to quickly recover from a disaster. However, many teams do not have a remote site to back up all their data due to the significant investment it would require.

Back-ups are often kept on servers in the same building as the main office. Keeping back-ups on the same site as the main business is a huge risk. For example, a single fire can destroy both the main data, their servers as well as the back-up. Restarting operations when the main office is lost puts significant pressure on any businss. Lost data requires time to recover and business opportunities can be lost in the meantime.

Data used by the organisation must be always available, providing instant information on customer insight, deliveries and supplies. This is where cloud based applications come in. Put all the data in the cloud with the applications that you use so you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

This approach requires limited capital expenditure. All you need is to subscribe to the applications that your business needs. An additional benefit of the cloud is the ability to access your data anywhere. Restart the business easily using web access. There is no need to buy software for offline use. Use any existing laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Finally, there is no need to make back-ups, just ensure that all your important files are in the cloud.

Find out more about Vodafone Cloud Services here:

Or take a look at how Vodafone provides disaster recovery and business continuity here:

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