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IoT Blog | August 22, 2016


Andrew Morawski
Head of Americas, Vodafone Internet of Things (IoT)
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Imagine a world where all of the little things in our lives are interconnected, working seamlessly in the background to make the world more efficient. This is one of the most exciting prospects in the telecom industry: the world of possibilities that can come from connecting everyday items we often overlook, such as trash cans or parking spots. There are specific applications of IoT that have the opportunity to solve inconveniences most people often overlook that promise to have the greatest potential effect on society.

As I’ve written about a few different times, Narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) is designed to enhance the global deployment of low-power wide area (LPWA) networks. What separates NB-IoT networks from traditional IoT environments is that it requires minimal power while still being able to span significant distances. This makes it possible to drive connectivity to a new class of devices that people may not necessarily think of when envisioning the future of IoT. For example, NB-IoT has the ability to greatly impact the functionality of many things we encounter everyday like water meters, smoke alarms or even parking spots.

In the case of water gauges, NB-IoT can provide long-range mobile connections with low power consumption. This means that a utility company can install connected flow meters around a water distribution network to automatically detect leaks or track other critical data without worrying about spotty mobile connectivity or battery life. Another example is connected trash receptacles, a low-cost improvement with substantial benefits. Smart trash cans equipped with long battery lives can notify city workers when they are full. This allows trash pick-ups to be scheduled as needed, and reduces the time garbage trucks spend circling city blocks collecting garbage.

These are just a few examples of how NB-IoT could create the connected future. Read my full article in IoT Agenda for more:

By Andrew Morawski

Originally published on:

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