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IoT Blog | October, 2017

Tony Guerion
Tony Guerion
Vodafone Global Head of IoT Sales


5 demos showcased at the IoT Solutions World Congress that are transforming businesses and the customer experience.

One of the defining characteristics of this year’s Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World Congress in Barcelona is the sheer diversity of IoT-enabled use cases that have emerged across a wide range of industries. From factories to farms, shops to smart cities, IoT adoption has resulted in an array of technologies that are transforming a host of key verticals. Here’s a run-down of my five standout application demos.

Grape expectations: Winemakers are increasingly using automation and digitalisation to make their businesses more profitable and sustainable. Sitelvina, a system deployed in vineyard in Toro in Spain, comprises a network of sensors that collect soil temperature and humidity data, while also monitoring the condition of the vines. The data is sent via Vodafone’s Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network to a cloud application, allowing for optimum management of the wine production chain. This is a smart example of how connectivity can boost harvested yields.

Ship shape: Boatowners spend a lot of time and money fitting out their vessel, so effective monitoring of key equipment is paramount. The Dokensip connected boat technology meets these requirements, providing owners with an intelligent means of protecting their investment. Hiruteknova in collaboration with TST and Vodafone’s IoT connectivity provides boat owners with an intelligent means of protecting their investment. Among some other features, alerts can be defined to detect water leaks.

The technology uses sensors to monitor battery and shoreside electrical power, while also monitoring water levels and onboard temperature. The system also features a motion sensor that can instantly detect the presence of an intruder. The technology means boatowners know their vessels are safe and sound, giving them real peace of mind.

Smart shopping: IoT is delivering big benefits in the retail sector, as illustrated by the JogoTech intelligent mirror, which is transforming the changing room into a truly interactive environment. The mirror identifies clothes brought into the changing room through barcode or RFID recognition. Available sizes and colours in the range, along with other recommendations, are then displayed on a touch screen. If the customer makes a new selection, the shop assistant is alerted to the request through a smart watch, and can then notify the customer that their selection is on its way. The JogoTech intelligent mirror, which is connected through Ethernet using Vodafone IoT hardware and software, is a game-changer for customers and retailers alike.

Flight of fancy: Airline trolleys might look like fairly mundane pieces of catering equipment, but with the addition of IoT connectivity, they can become part of a smart network that can provide ground-staff with valuable operational data. The eGate trolley constantly monitors temperature during flights, transferring the information to catering support staff once the plane has landed. This means the airline can verify that the temperature has remained constant throughout the flight, allowing for the reuse of food items that historically would have been thrown away. The Vodafone IoT connected solution can also be used for tracking the location of the trolley, thus improving airline logistics and reducing the likelihood of theft.

Think digital: IoT is delivering smarter buildings that are better aligned with the needs of those who own and inhabit them. The use of sensors and cloud connectivity can provide real-time visibility of a wide range of factors, including lighting, climate control, air quality, security, sanitation, and much more. This data can be used to reduce energy costs and lower emissions, making buildings greener and more sustainable.

The benefits of connectivity are also spreading to the industrial sector, where IoT is being used to improve the performance of automated systems. Vodafone is at the forefront of these advances, having developed Industry 4.0 solutions for both smart buildings and factories.

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