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Building the smart city 8 things that matter

Tomorrow’s cities are built by smart city ecosystem architects today. To be effective, these architects must expand their perspectives, assume new roles, and work strategically, to build a new sustainable smart city.

Why it’s dicey to de-prioritize digital innovation

CIOs must spearhead the creation of an innovation culture and develop the key capabilities required to ensure their organization doesn’t slip into digital Darwinism.

How Mobike is exploring the future

The value of eco-friendly, inner-city travel initiatives has never been greater. Using Vodafone’s connected technology, Mobike is the world’s first dock-less bike-sharing company, eradicating the inflexibility associated with docking stations, and bringing consumers into the next generation of bike sharing.

Five steps to an effective layered defence strategy

The concept of layered security is key to a strong and successful defence strategy. The approach uses multiple lines of defence to repel potential attacks and is based on the principle that no single form of protection is enough to stop a determined cybercriminal.

Africa is a hotbed of exciting new IoT innovations

Artificial intelligence: The future of visual surveillance

Find out how you can get more from your visual data and how visual surveillance is changing thanks to the latest developments in AI and data analytics

Smarter, leaner, faster - plotting a route to Industry 4.0

Find out how Vodafone Automotive’s Varese plant takes giant strides towards becoming a fully-integrated production facility.

12 technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

In 2018, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and computer vision are maturing, going from game-changing ideas to foundational tools for business. This year, we’ll see these and other technologies drive how business gets done and what new products will launch in the near future.

What’s next for insurance telematics? Putting prepaid cover for occasional drivers to the test.

What’s next for insurance telematics? Putting prepaid cover for occasional drivers to the test.

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