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Managing mobile devices across different locations has become a business priority, a significant cost and sometimes a major headache. The more devices, the more management required. The days of in-house management seem numbered compared to managed services which can simplify, streamline, increase control and lower costs.

Consider the complexity curve and today’s technology-filled enterprises. It’s hard to imagine enterprises (or consumers) without mobile devices in a world where mobile usage has skyrocketed to over three hours per day per person in the US. These devices are now critical to employee productivity and satisfaction, but add complexity from an operational perspective.

With a large mobile estate, it’s important to streamline how you manage devices. Done right, tasks such as sourcing, staging, repair, replacement, logistics and reporting can have a positive impact on the employee experience and business performance.

Looking outside

As digital transformation continues to turn many industries inside out, businesses are increasingly looking to simplify their technology landscape. And they’re engaging third-party device management experts to help them meet many of the challenges around complexity, costs and control.

This is nothing new, but managing vendors takes time too. Especially for large, multinational enterprises with devices, applications, data and business processes widely dispersed across regions and business units.

For in-house teams, managing devices and vendors quickly eats into resources when their focus should be core business, mission-critical projects and high-value tasks. And when resources are stretched too far, this could affect employee satisfaction or even device security risks.

The simple answer…

Avoid doing it yourself. The criticality of mobile now means that managed services have evolved. You can now have the control without high costs and complexity.

Here are three ways that managed services can move you to the right side of the complexity curve, enabling easier management of thousands of devices:

1) More is less
More devices, more vendors, more processes. Instead, one managed service can comprehensively cover every stage of a device’s lifecycle.

2) Cost is a choice
Vodafone Device Lifecycle Management can be available as a purely operating cost – a monthly fee that means no upfront costs (and you can still have the latest and greatest devices).

3) The world is wide
Outsourcing is simpler when your vendor offers an extensive geographical reach (for example, 28 European countries), delivered locally to every employee.

Can you or your vendors deliver all this? Find out more about the advantages of managed services for all your mobile devices.

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