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Vodafone Trends Barometer 2018

Explore four key trends that will impact businesses in the coming years, based on Vodafone research and expert insight from around the world.

The game-changing potential of smartphones that can smell

Sniffing smartphones won't merely replicate what a human nose can do. They will be able to detect aromas far more precisely. What is the enterprise IT potential here? Quite a bit.

SDNs and NFV are complementary and core components of modernized networks

Software-defined networking and network functions virtualization both untie tasks and functions from hardware and provide agility, one for the network itself, the other for network services.

Complexity a killer when it comes to digital transformation success

To reduce the complexity of a digital transformation initiative, think of it as a collection of smaller pieces, not one monster application or infrastructure, advises Mihai Strusievici, director of IT, North America at Colliers International.

Overseas ambitions: global companies capitalising on Middle Eastern promise

Find out key factors to consider when applying digitalisation across a vibrant and fast-changing part of the world

Next Generation Firewalls – are they still relevant?

Next generation security technologies like Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are still relevant, however in such a rapidly evolving security landscape, vendors will need to collaborate in order to achieve long-term success.

IT teams are drowning in data – throw them a lifeline

As the trends toward cloud migration and a remote workforce continue to obscure network visibility, IT issue resolution is becoming increasingly complex. How can IT teams make use of smarter analytics to speed up troubleshooting?

A Brief History of Security

What is security? When can we feel truly secure? Securing data has been around since Julius Caesar’s reign, but his methods could hardly stand a chance against hackers. Security evolves rapidly to combat the known, but what happens when facing the unknown?

It’s time to take cyberbullying seriously to halt its spread

With the rapid increase of social networking sites, online activity and messaging apps, cyberbullying is also on the rise. l. While traditional bullying, when at school, can be stopped on the playground or in the classroom, cyberbullying continues outside of school hours for children and often continues into adult life and even the workplace.

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