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The next IT: What it is and what you need to know to be successful

Mastering a distributed and highly virtualized computing environment is key to job security in IT’s next wave

The future is bright for digital CIOs

Digital transformation is creating many opportunities for CIOs. Learn what they are and how to advance your career as a digital CIO.

The future is Active Antenna

As data usage continues to rise 60 per cent each year, we will need to adopt a stronger, more effective network. Active Antenna is the best solution.

Smart cities need the cloud—and vice versa

The fundamental role of public cloud providers is to create sets of cloud services that will deliver best practices via services to all cities that want to become smart cities.

Building the smart city 8 things that matter

Tomorrow’s cities are built by smart city ecosystem architects today. To be effective, these architects must expand their perspectives, assume new roles, and work strategically, to build a new sustainable smart city.

Why it’s dicey to de-prioritize digital innovation

CIOs must spearhead the creation of an innovation culture and develop the key capabilities required to ensure their organization doesn’t slip into digital Darwinism.

Information is our most valuable asset – is yours protected?

Our digital information is constantly flowing as we go about our day-to-day lives and we often see updates about security or encryption from the websites and services we use – but how much attention do we really pay to these and why should we care more?

Introducing the Gigabit Society series: a conversation about the future

The Gigabit Society is our vision and there is no doubt that it is the future. It will soon revolutionise industries and change lives around the world, and we want to help you get ready for it.

How Mobike is exploring the future

The value of eco-friendly, inner-city travel initiatives has never been greater. Using Vodafone’s connected technology, Mobike is the world’s first dock-less bike-sharing company, eradicating the inflexibility associated with docking stations, and bringing consumers into the next generation of bike sharing.

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