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Welcoming the move, Current Analysis commented that it “signals the progress VGE is making in moving from pure-play mobile to developing a unified service wrap for its mobile and fixed management tools.”

The Competitive Intelligence Report also acknowledged that the new service addressed the “key requirements” multinational enterprise clients have to address their telecoms expense management. The integration of expense management, device ordering, inventory management, device configuration and multi-supplier contracting into the platform is “of significance.”

The online portal itself was identified as the “big strength” of the new service. “VGE has clearly invested money and development time in this and it has some impressive features especially on the MDM [Mobile Device Management] side and ordering of devices, employees can track what they have spent so far on their mobile bill for voice and data, and all these features will appeal to end-users.”

Each bespoke implementation is built on an initial consulting exercise, conducted by Vodafone Solutions Consultants. This audits the present telecoms environment and related processes to identify and validate potential savings as well as deliver an agreed management plan. As a result each online portal is customised to integrate with existing corporate processes to offer, for example, employee self-service device ordering in line with prevailing work flows.

In summary: “It is a positive that VGE has unveiled its Vodafone Telecoms Management (VTM) service for integrated management of fixed and mobile telecoms. Existing customers for VGE’s existing individual services such as Device Manager, Invoice Manager and Spend Manager can upgrade to get a more integrated view of their fixed and mobile expenses and that should be reassuring for current and potential customers.”

If you would like to discuss how Vodafone Telecoms Management could simplify your telecoms management, please contact your Global Account Manager.