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Case study | Nov 2014

A prized spot on your trip to the supermarket. A valuable city centre resource and revenue generator. The parking space is many things to many people. Remote monitoring now allows parking operators to better manage spaces, connecting drivers with new retail and city services. For operators it’s not an empty space, it’s an opportunity.



Business Need

Smart Parking technology is revolutionising how drivers in city centres find available parking spaces. SmartEye wireless devices are embedded into parking spaces, transmitting data on when the space is used and for how long via local signal processers into a central parking management application. SmartPark reduces congestion, decreases vehicle emissions, lowers enforcement costs and cuts driver stress – but to be effective, each device needs to ensure reliable, global data connectivity.


The Vodafone Global SIM is used in all Smart Parking devices, installed and shipped to anywhere in the world. This allows Smart Parking customers to access parking data remotely, from any device. The data can be integrated with other devices, to be shared with multiple parties. Data from the SmartEye sensors maps usage and allows operators to spot gaps and trends, from one fully managed platform.

Business Benefits

  • Enables global roll-out of smart parking devices, built in, shipped and managed off one platform
  • Provides strategic vision on smart cities by partnering with a global IoT leader
  • Real-time parking data can be viewed through an online portal or on a smartphone
"We’ve been with Vodafone since the early years in New Zealand. We continue to use Vodafone Global  SIMs in all devices, installed and shipped to anywhere in the world. It means we can use the same device in London, Madrid or Prague." Jim Short,

EMEA Technology Sales Manager, Smart Parking