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Case Studies | June 2015

Nanopoint is a Korean IT solutions provider. Its flagship product, NanoDriving, is a driver management solution which monitors driving styles and ultimately aims to reduce the risk of road accidents. To date, the solution is operational in Korea and the US, with trials taking place in the UK.


Business Need

For the solution to work, NanoDriving needs to send data over a wireless network to its server, wherever in the world the device is. Nanopoint wanted to offer this service as a cloud solution to their customers, so they could log in from anywhere to review the status of their drivers.


The NanoDriving solution is connected via the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, allowing Nanopoint to monitor the data usage of any SIM, anywhere in the world, for any customer. The platform also provides Nanopoint with SIM price consistency and a single platform: the company doesn’t need to go market by market seeking different networks as it expands.

Business Benefits

  • Enables NanoDriving to roll-out its innovative solution globally and rapidly
  • Creates instant credibility for Korean start-up through partnering with Vodafone
  • Provides a real-time view of customer usage, payments and SIM control from a single Global platform
  • Reduces cost of driver management, ensures greater fuel efficiency and cuts cost of car accidents
"The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform allows us to monitor the data usage of any SIM, anywhere in the world, for any customer. It is exactly the type of streamlined process we need if we are to get to market quickly." Young Na,

CEO, Nanopoint