Lively enables independent living with Vodafone IoT

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Case study | December 2015

Lively is a system of remote sensors that enables families to monitor the movements of their older relatives. For users of the Lively solution, it’s a new kind of freedom.


Business Need

Lively needed a connectivity partner to enable their solution to work effectively.


Lively’s solution is based on activity sensors that log daily routines. The sensors are preinstalled with a Vodafone Global SIM to upload activity data wirelessly. An additional hub receives activity signals from each of the sensors to compare daily events with normal routines. That information is then shared with relatives via a secure login that can be accessed through PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Business Benefits

  • IoT connectivity means customers don’t even need a home internet or phone line connection to subscribe
  • Vodafone’s global IoT coverage means Lively can also expand abroad easily, cost effectively and without dealing with multiple suppliers
  • Connecting discreetly with family enables Lively customers to feel safer and more confident living in their own home
“On a technical level the integration happened incredibly smoothly and we had an amazing level of support throughout. The Vodafone IoT service is thoroughly comprehensive.” Iggy Fanlo,

CEO, Lively