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Case study | October 2014

SecureNet Technologies is a US-based software company which launched originally in the Australian security market in 2003. It is now a global operation with customers in Europe, Asia and North America. It provides interactive home security, video monitoring, environment control, energy management, and alarm signal transportation to monitoring centres.


Business Need

SecureNet provides a virtual private network to outstrip the connectivity of traditional dial-up systems. It needed a connectivity partner to ensure international data connectivity. SecureNet wanted a solution that could plug-and-play anywhere in the world, and a brand partner with the credibility to help convince new customers in new markets.


The Vodafone Global SIM provides global coverage to SecureNet customers. The Vodafone solution is always connected and ready to pass an alert or command back and forth in real-time. The Global SIM automatically connects to another network should it be needed, providing a truly robust connectivity solution to SecureNet.

Business Benefits

  • Delivers a future-proof solution capable of absorbing multiple streams of data while maintaining robust connectivity
  • Ensures global connectivity redundancy from one SIM, managed off one platform, simplifying go-to-market
  • Provides the scale to add 1,000 new connections each week, with a target of 50,000 connections worldwide by the end of 2015

"Vodafone was the only one able to give us a true global SIM. Redundancy is hugely important in this market – the device can’t fail to connect, and the Vodafone SIM automatically connects to another network should it be needed. It gave us a compelling advantage in the market." Pat Carmody,

National Sales Manager, SecureNet Technologies Australia