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Case Studies | October 2015

Locate Solution is a German technology firm specialising in location services. With Europe’s population growing older and living longer, the business has identified a new opportunity: tools to assist autonomous and independent living.


Business Need

My.sens is Locate Solution’s offering to the Autonomous and Independent Living (AIL) sector. It uses multi-sensors in the home to monitor movement, temperature and light. The sensors send data to a local base station where it is tracked against a user’s profile. Locate Solution required the capability to manage the SIM installation and monitoring from a central source irrespective of geographic location, and the ability to scale quickly.


The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform provides the connectivity to underpin my.sens. It allows Locate Solution to preinstall a single SIM in all systems and then activate the SIM whenever the system is deployed, wherever in the world. Locate Solution can see which customers are using the SIMs, and remotely turn them on or off as required.

Business Benefits

  • Creates a platform from which Locate Solution can roll-out across Europe, then worldwide
  • Bespoke contract allows for flexibility in terms of SIM volumes, usage and scalability speeds
  • Achieves consistency of service, price and connectivity with a single supplier, reducing management complexity
"We were very impressed with Vodafone’s approach. This is a new technology, a new opportunity and a new market. Vodafone was prepared to sit, listen and customise a package tailored for us. This is not an off-the-shelf solution in terms of volumes, usage and the potential speed of scalability." Stephan Kreutzer,

Managing Director, Locate Solution