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Case Studies | February 2016

Navman Wireless is a global leader in vehicle tracking, messaging and satellite navigation solutions and the most chosen vehicle tracking provider in the UK.

Business Need

Navman needed a reliable connectivity partner to allow it to scale globally with consistent pricing and flexibility.



Navman’s solution allows its customers to locate and track their vehicle fleets, wherever they are in the world. The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform allows Navman Wireless to roll-out solutions to a vast array of customers in multiple territories, managed from a single platform with consistent costs. It means Navman Wireless has greater flexibility in the customers it can work with.

Business Benefits

  • Single Global SIM with consistent pricing enables the business to plan for international expansion
  • Ensures robust, reliable connectivity allowing the business to take a leadership position in mining, transport, construction and fleet services verticals
  • Cements a strategic relationship with a leader in the IoT sector, having worked with Vodafone from 2001
“Vodafone has a vision, it is acquisitive and it sees the bigger picture. That opens up strategic possibilities for us.”Renaat Ver Eecke,

VP and Chief Service Office, Navman Wireless